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Bowling Tricks with Andy Varipapa – 1948

Bowling Tricks with Andy Varipapa, filmed in 1948 after his back-to-back wins in the BPAA All-Star is perhaps the best trick shot video Andy ever made. It not only showcases all his well-known favorites but also features several others not captured on any other films.


Not surprisingly, this is the video that featured all of the trick shots that General Mills chose for its 2015 Wheaties campaign shown on the PBA telecasts.


Better Bowling – 1942

Filmed in 1942, this video displays some of the new “modern” advances of bowling, which is now considered to be the largest sport in the country with over 20 million participants of all ages. Includes coaching from Ned Day and a trick shot exhibition by Andy. Finally, the last three minutes provide a comedy approach to the game from a Jonathan Winters-type character.