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One of Andy Varipapa’s Lost Schaefer Beer Commercials Has Been Found

One of the ads uploaded in 2021

It always pays to keep persevering and searching for things that you might think are lost forever. Many thanks to the individual who last May uploaded one of Andy’s Schaefer Beer commercials from 1965. The quality could be sharper but reminiscent of the times just the same.

The commercials last two minutes with the first minute devoted to Andy and the last minute to generic Schaefer ads. Click video below to view the ad.

For some additional history of the Schaefer Beer commercials click here. https://andyvaripapa.com/2016/02/21/the-lost-schaefer-beer-commercial-1963/

Wheaties ads feature late bowling veteran Andy Varipapa

Wheaties have created in-house retro ads, featuring the late bowling veteran, Andy Varipapa.


Grandpa Ad 2


Breakfast cereal Wheaties is better known for partnering with well-known sports personalities like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. But in its latest campaign, it is spotlighting a professional bowler who was kingpin back in the mid-twentieth century.


Andy Varipapa, died in 1984, but he was known as much for his trick-shot making as his winning. Ads featuring vintage footage of Varipapa ran during a Professional Bowlers Association event that will begin airing on ESPN on Sunday.


The ads were created in-house by brand owner General Mills. They are part of Wheaties sponsorship campaign for a PBA tournament series that takes place in Maine. Wheaties are sponsoring one of the competing teams, whose members will wear Wheaties bowling shirts, alongside other brands such as Geico and Barbasol, who will also be sponsoring teams.


Grandpa Ad 2


The series contains six 15-second spots.  Footage from 1948 of the bowler’s “Grandpa Strength” represents the brand – dubbed as the “breakfast of champions” – with his trick shots. In one spot, a retro American voiceover says: “Grandpa wasn’t allergic to cats or dust or pollen. He was allergic to whiners and losing”. In another: “Grandpa proved his athleticism with trophies on the mantle, not by dancing around like a showboater. Nah, grandpa only danced with Grandma.”


According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, bowling is the top participation sport in America – outside of fitness activities – with about 46.2 million people bowling at least once in a year.


Varipapa was born in 1891 in Cafizzi, Italy, and came to New York at the age of 11. He was a trailblazer and good-will ambassador of his sport and travelled around the US at the height of his career in the 1930s and 1940s, giving clinics and exhibitions. The New York Times had described him as “popular for his trick shots as well as his normal prowess”.


Grandpa Ad 3


Varipapa’s long list of bowling feats included the highest ten-year American Bowling Congress average and Bowler of the Year in 1948. He was elected into the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in 1957 and was also given the PBA award for bowling contributions in 1966.


“In researching the history of bowling, there was one guy above all else who exhibited the spirit of a champion that Wheaties has always admired and applauded, and so he became our hero,” said General Mills Chief Creative Officer, Michael Fanuele.


The “Lost” Schaefer Beer Commercial – 1965

The “Lost” Schaefer Beer Commercial – 1965


In 1965, Schaefer Beer contracted with Andy Varipapa and his good friend, billiard champion Willie Mosconi, to each produce Schaefer Beer commercials that featured their famous trick shots. Their commercials were shown separately on the Schafer Award Theatre movie presentation, usually on Saturday nights in the New York City area. As they were performing either on the lanes or the billiard table the famous Schaefer jingle would be playing in the background.


Despite all the old commercials that have been uploaded to YouTube, including many Schaefer commercials, this one still seems to be lost. I remember Andy’s well, having watched it as a child and it was one of his best performances. I have tried to contact Schaefer, but they were sold to Stroh Brewery in 1981 and then subsequently Stroh Brewery was sold to Pabst Brewing Company in 1999, so connecting with people in the know has been difficult.


But I will keep trying as I would really like to add this to the collection. In the meantime, here are some old “bowling and beer” ads that I did find on the web.


Pabst Bowling Ad Schlitz Bowling Ad



Schaefer Award Theatre was a recurring television showcase of major first-run motion pictures aired between 1959 and 1968, and revived briefly in 1970. In New York City, the program ran primarily on WCBS-TV (Channel 2), except for two occasions in 1970 when it was shown on WNBC-TV (Channel 4). This special series was sponsored by Schaefer Beer, and each film run under this banner was shown with only four commercial interruptions. On WCBS-TV, this show was aired in place of their usual late-night umbrella, The Late Show.


Schaefer Award Theatre was also shown in some other major cities in the United States, such as on WCAU-TV (Channel 10) in Philadelphia, WBZ-TV (Channel 4) in Boston, KYW-TV (Channel 3, now WKYC) in Cleveland, and, in later years, WJRT-TV (Channel 12) in Flint, Michigan.


To view Andy’s 2015 Wheaties Profile, click here.