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Welcome to the site that celebrates the life of bowling Hall of Famer

Andy Varipapa


Thank you for visiting this site, dedicated to the life and accomplishments of my grandfather, Andy Varipapa. Although Andy passed away at age 93 over 30 years ago, the Wheaties commercials televised on the PBA Tour earlier this year that showcased his trick shots reignited interest in his life and legend.


As his media resurgence led many people to contact me for more information about Andy’s career, I decided to put this website together with a compilation of his films, photos, and countless newspaper articles that the family has collected over the years. This will be a continuous work in progress as there is a tremendous amount of material both in the family archives as well as out in the bowling world, so I encourage you to follow the blog and receive notifications about new postings.


I also want to hear from the countless people I have met – or have yet to meet – over the years who have “Andy Stories” of their own, and to make that easy you will find a text window and upload link just below the video screen on this page.


You will find several comment boxes on the site and I welcome viewer feedback.  Again, thank you very much for visiting and I hope you enjoy viewing and reading about Andy’s nearly 60 years of achievements in the sport of bowling.



Andy Varipapa II


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5 thoughts on “In the words of Andy…”

  1. Andy was a legend from my youth. Great man and trick shot artist. I remember a bowling alley in the San Pedro, CA area named after him. A true treasure to this great game

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  2. Truly one of the greatest bowlers to ever grace a lane. I have NEVER seen anyone replicate any of the trick shots he pulled off on a regular basis. The control and precision required to do some of those shots is off the charts.

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  3. Thanks for your comments Tom. Many people have tried and have come up with their own variations. I always enjoy looking at the old films. Andy never told his secrets but I’m sure he put in hours of practice.


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"The Man Bowling Refuses to Forget" – Bowler's Journal, July 2015