91-year-old Andy Varipapa a Hit at ABC in Buffalo (1983)

This article focuses on Andy’s participation at what would turn out to be his final appearance at the annual ABC tournament. While this 4th-generation photocopy is hard to read (I’m still searching for the original), I was able to magnify it to copy the caption under the photo as well as the opening quote, shown below from Allie Brandt.


“He did more for the game than any other person, was a great competitor and the finest advertisement I ever saw for the game, Anybody who ever said he wasn’t a terrific bowler had to be a bit jealous because Andy knew how to make money at the game”                       – Allie Brandt


(F) AV - Niagara Gazette - March 1983 (2)

Photo caption:


Andy Varipapa, who will be 92 March 31, greets autograph seekers at the Niagara Falls Convention Center last night. The world’s greatest trick shot bowler, who was elected to the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in 1957, was a popular attraction in the city on numerous occasions for exhibitions and match games. He was among the celebrities present at ABC Hall of Fame ceremonies.

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