Meeting Andy at the Great & Greatest Tournament in 1979

From: Jim Goodwin


I met your grandfather in 1979 when he came to the Great & Greatest Tournament in Irving, Texas. The owner of Golden Triangle Lanes, Jeanie Hulsey hired him to come to the event simply to be an ambassador for bowling. Hulsey was an incredible promoter who hosted the 1974 Women’s U.S. Open in Irving, and the 1975 and 1976 Men’s U.S. Opens and 20 PBA Quaker State Opens from 1977-96 at her other center Forum Bowl in nearby Grand Prairie.


Hulsey had tremendous respect for your grandfather and bowling history. She hired professional photographers for all of her events to record that history, and her family has thousands of 8×10 color photos of every great bowler from that era including your grandfather from the 1979 event. Hulsey gave me a copy of a group photo with Andy right in the front row center where he belonged. She said it was one of the smartest things she ever did hiring him to represent the event. He spent the whole week telling stories and entertaining everyone, resulting in a ton of publicity for the event. The TV Finals was 90 minutes as a special featured event on the CBS Sports Spectacular series.

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